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“…In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” This famous quote by Benjamin Franklin still rings true today. Taxes play a part in everything we do and can have a tremendous influence on our financial stability and even our emotional well-being. If you owe more in taxes than you can pay, and the IRS has been taking aggressive actions to collect, it can feel like a hopeless situation. The IRS is the most powerful collections agency in the U.S. They can make it extremely stressful and difficult to pay back a large debt.

Fortunately, there is hope. At IRS Law Pros, we believe any tax problem can be resolved, and we have a track record of helping individuals and businesses accomplish tax debt resolution for more than 15 years. Our Salt Lake City tax lawyers are here to protect your interests and to help you experience relief from overwhelming tax debt. A division of Pearson Butler, we have the personnel and resources to address any tax problem.

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We Understand the Difficulty of Tax Debt

When the IRS comes knocking at your door, you need a legal professional you can count on. Whether you are dealing with personal tax debt, penalty abatement, or need guidance related to your company’s payroll and other taxes, you can trust IRS Law Pros. We tailor our services to suit each client’s individual needs. Because we offer a complete range of tax preparation, negotiation, and litigation services, we are confident that we can handle your tax problems.

Our team of Salt Lake City tax attorneys has significant experience serving clients across Utah. We know what you’re going through and have the creative problem-solving skills to take care of your tax needs, whatever they may be. Best of all, your initial consultation is free. We are standing by to see how we can assist you.

Our Simple Process

Experience the IRS Law Pros Difference
  • Consultation & Research

    Our attorneys are available to meet with you in person or talk over the phone to carefully review the details of your situation.

  • Create a Personalized Plan

    One of our skilled attorneys will craft a plan using the most effective tax resolutions programs available to solve your unique problems.

  • Resolve Your Tax Problems

    Our team works with you to fully implement the plan, stop harassment by the IRS and resolve your tax
    debt issues.

Tax Relief Services Offered

Serving Individuals & Businesses

Tax Relief Is Obtainable

IRS Law Pros Has Assisted Clients

Across Utah

Tax laws are complicated and making the wrong move can have disastrous results. Please, don’t go it alone when facing tax debt and aggressive IRS debt collection tactics. IRS Law Pros can stop the harassing phone calls, wage garnishment, and levies, and we can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. Unlike many other tax resolution companies, our Salt Lake City Tax attorneys are authorized to represent clients in the U.S. Tax Court. The IRS may be one of the government’s most powerful agencies, but it must still obey the law. We are here to stop the harassment and bring you much-needed peace of mind.

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  • “Jim has been totally honest with me.”

    Tax Debt Problem Resolved

  • “Our entire family would like to thank you for your diligence, expertise and willingness to help when it had become impossible for us to find justice in a very complicated judicial system.”

    Tax Debt Problem Resolved

  • “Keep up the great work.”

    IRS Levies Released

  • “We wish you the best of luck in your future business endeavors and would be very willing to refer and recommend your services so that you would be able to help another family just like ours.”

    IRS Problems Resolved

  • “Thank you also for getting us on a path to keep us current.”

    Business Tax Problem Resolved

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