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The independent spirit of St. George is one of the reasons this beautiful city has become one of the fastest growing areas, and the largest city in Utah not along the Wasatch. But that feeling of independence is strained for those being pursued by the IRS. There are many reasons hardworking people can end up with serious tax problems,however the IRS is not interested, or understanding – they simply want your money. As the most fearsome collection agency in the United States the IRS is one of the most powerful federal agencies, and they can make like life extremely difficult and stressful for those with back tax debts. However despite this, you as a citizen of this great country have rights, and have many avenues to bring your tax problems under control. Gilland Law Firm has been helping tax payers in St. George and throughout Utah take control of their tax problems and achieve relief from the harsh collections methods of the IRS.


Can An Attorney Really Help Stop The IRS?

If the IRS is so powerful and can take money from my bank account, and sell my property how can an attorney help? Despite the far reaching powers the IRS has you have rights, and there are many programs available to resolve even difficult tax debt problems. What is important to keep in mind is the longer the problem continues the more difficult it can become.

An attorney can step in and begin the negotiation process with the IRS. In many cases getting representation and starting negotiations for tax debts will stop the IRS from continuing the harassing phone calls and letters. An attorney can guide you through one or several of the tax debt relief programs to bring about a successful outcome that satisfies the IRS and keeps your tax situation under control.


What Tax Debt Settlement Programs Are Available?

There many ways to get into tax trouble personal, business, marital issues, economic,injury to name few. As such there are several programs which can be used to address the problems. These tax relief programs include:


Why Should I Choose Gilland Law Firm

A Utah resident with an office location in St. George, attorney Jim Gilland has been helping people in St. George defend their financial futures from the IRS for more than 18 years. With a background in both tax law and business, attorney Jim Gilland has the broad knowledge and experience to handle any tax debt case for both individuals and businesses.

Unlike other large national companies which take as many cases as possible and turn them over to paralegals with little experience or qualifications, at Gilland Law your case will be worked on personally by one of the nation's most experienced tax attorneys.

A passionate advocate for members of the St. George community and throughout Utah, attorney Jim Gilland will fight for your financial future by bringing your IRS problems down to size.

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