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As a long-time business owner living and working in Utah, Attorney Jim Gilland understands the pressures and financial stresses that many business owners and individuals can face that may lead to tax problems. Our Salt Lake City office is a convenient location for many in the Salt Lake area that need help resolving their IRS Problems.

Over the years working in the Salt Lake City community we have come to know and help many individuals and business owners to get freedom from their IRS tax issues.


How Can An Attorney Help Me With My Tax Debt Problems?

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The IRS is America's most fearsome collections agency and they have the power to seize assets, take money from pay checks, shut down businesses and many more ways to collect tax debt.

So how can it be that a lawyer can put a stop to the IRS and bring about a solution? The answer is really two-fold, first:

Even though the IRS is one of the federal government's most powerful agencies you have rights that allow you to protect your interests through the legal system.

Secondly, over the years congress and the IRS have enacted many the creation of debt settlement programs to create ways struggling tax payers can become current with their tax debt.


What Are The IRS Debt Settlement programs?

There are nearly endless reasons many hardworking people can get into tax trouble, as such there are a variety of programs that address different situations and purposes, these include.


If the IRS has programs anyone can try why should I work with an attorney?

Experience and Knowledge

While it is certainly true that a taxpayer can download the correct forms and attempt to enter many of the above programs, to choose to work directly with the IRS with no experience in law and preparing your case is to proceed at your own peril.

While some of the forms may seem simple enough making the wrong moves can have damaging and long-term consequences.

Remove The Burden and Uncertainty From Your Shoulders

When working with Gilland Law Firm we will move quickly to assess your specific situation, draw from years of tax law and negotiation experience to decide the most effective plan, then notify the IRS that we will be representing your interests.

Often when the IRS understands you have retained legal representation and intend on resolving your tax issues, the stressful and harassing phone calls and collections letters will immediately stop.

In addition to planning the best course of action our law firm will help pull together the required documentation and financial information needed to successfully enter into negotiations or other actions.

Ensure the IRS follow the rules

We are familiar with the tactics IRS collections agents use. Many times an IRS agent will be very friendly and seem to be trying to help your situation. The unfortunate reality is that this is often a tactic to draw out information that may be damaging to your situation. While that is just one example, our law firm understands the IRS agent's methods and what the rules they must follow. Should the IRS fail to dot every “I” and cross every “t” , we will be able to use that for your benefit.

Attorney-client Privilege

Another very important benefit of choosing to work with an attorney is your privacy is protected by the attorney-client privilege. This protection does not exist for other professionals, meaning the people you have gone to for help could be forced to testify against you under oath – only an attorney can protect against this.


Why Choose Gilland Law?

We specialize only in tax law.

Unlike other law firms that represent tax cases we have done this exclusively. Working to get our clients tax debt relief is all we do.

A Strong Advocate That Cares About Your Situation

Jim Gilland is passionate about defending those with IRS debt, saving businesses from being shuttered and helping to restore peace of mind for individuals.

Experience and Resources

With a background in both law and business, attorney Jim Gilland has been representing clients against the IRS since 1996. With more than 18 years of experience in this area of law and with a deep understanding of how the IRS operates Attorney Jim Gilland has built an effective team ready to help.


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