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One of America's premier experts in IRS relief local to Layton Utah Utah, Attorney Jim Gilland is an experienced and passionate advocate defending the financial interests of troubled taxpayers in Layton Utah and throughout Utah.

As an attorney with both a tax law and business background attorney Jim Gilland understands the pressures and difficulties that small business owners and individuals can face.

Hardworking people can get into serious tax trouble in may ways, but the IRS cares little for the reasons and will pursue the back tax debt relentlessly, escalating their methods the longer the debt remains unpaid.

However you have rights and there is hope to get your tax debt problems down to size.


Is It True An Attorney Can Help Resolve IRS Tax Debt?

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Absolutely. Even though the IRS is the most powerful collections agency in the United States, you have rights, and there are many avenues that can be taken to bring even large tax problems down to size. An experienced attorney will understand how to select the best path forward for your situation, notify the IRS that you have retained legal representation, and lift the burden of dealing with IRS collections agents from your shoulders.


Why would the IRS Agree To Settle Tax Debt?

OK, so there are ways an attorney can help with tax debt but why would the IRS agree to take payments or even agree to less tax money? In short they will agree to extend the time to receive the tax debt or the even reduce the debt amount because they believe it is the only way that they will get paid the back tax debt. Your attorney can help you navigate the myriad of forms and financial documentation that will be required to get a debt settlement or resolution.


What Ways Can An Attorney Use To Help Resolve My Debt

Every tax debt situation is different and there are many different programs available designed to address many situations and needs, these programs include:


Why Choose Gilland Law Firm?

You may have seen television ads claiming pennies on the dollar from other tax relief firms, why would you choose Gilland Law Firm over anyone else?

Unlike the large national tax firms that make blanket claims of pennies on the dollar, when you choose Gilland Law Firm you will be working directly with one of the nation's most experienced tax attorneys.

Divulging your financial information to another person requires a high degree of trust. Other firms use an attorneys name in their sales pitch then turn your case over to a inexperienced paralegal to handle.

At Gilland law firm your case will be given the personal attention it deserves from Attorney Jim Gilland. An attorney with more than 18 years of experience who lives in the Layton Utah area.

Jim Gilland is a Utah state bar member and Gilland Law Firm has earned an A+ rating from the better business bureau. Gilland Law Firm has been received a Gephardt Approved endorsement, is endorsed by radio show host Doug Wright and has been featured as an IRS relief expert on the Brian Tracy Show.

Attorney Jim Gilland has a passionate belief in defending the interests of taxpayers from the powerful IRS, in working hard to provide relief from oppressive tax debts, and in earning the trust that troubled tax payers must place in Gilland Law by achieving success for his clients.

Contact Gilland Law firm today and find out how we can help.


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